You Never Know – Until You Do: the story of our very first date…

Tonight marks the 25th anniversary of my very first date with Hub. A misunderstanding about the meeting up arrangements on the night meant that we almost did not get together. Thank goodness, though, it was all ok in the end, and here we are... We had agreed that we would meet at a particular London [...]


On the hook: oodles of delicious colour

I wrote last week about my recent knitting adventures. I thought I would follow up this week with a reflection on my current crochet endeavours. I am much less experienced with crochet than I am with knitting. This is not necessarily due to lack of time - I produced this blanket when just a young [...]

The beautiful and essential art of the ‘useless’

  There is a lot of pressure on us these days to be 'extraordinary' and to get the best from ourselves. But what does this actually mean? It suggests that we should constantly be striving to be better, with the implication that we should be aiming to be in a different place from the one [...]