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Announcing The Brothers Karamazov Readalong #Karamazovreadalong

“Love is such a priceless treasure that you can purchase the whole world with it, and redeem not only your own but other people’s sins too. Go now, and have no fear.” Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Karamazov Brothers* (tr Avsey) In these days of soundbites and short social media posts, the thought of reading a weighty… More

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#WarAndPeace2022 January Update

2022 is the year of Leo Tolstoy. I am involved in a global community reading War and Peace, which began on January 5, 2022 and will end on the stroke… #WarAndPeace2022 January Update

#WarAndPeace2022 Readalong: reflections on Vol 1, Part 1

Our #WarAndPeace2022 Readalong started on 5 January and here we are already at the end of Vol 1, Part 1. It’s been a flurry of initial excitement as we start to meet some of the main characters and their families. Tolstoy cleverly positions the early scenes in large gatherings so that we can eavesdrop on… More


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