The gulls are back….

Early April, but you wouldn't know it from the temperatures and weather we are having here in Edinburgh. It's more like early January on both counts. Nature is unpredictable. She keeps us on our toes. This is our view on a sunny day: This is how it looked this morning (it's snowing now as I type!). [...]


“It’s great to let go – I should have started sooner”. Timeless, restorative advice on how to live from Isabel Allende

Living life to the full is all down to perception. It does not matter how old we are, the spirit is always young, adaptable and capable of being inspired, if we would only step back and allow it to be so. In this short yet powerful Ted Talk, Isabel Allende presents a wonderful manifesto for [...]

Spring happiness in spite of all the snow

I very much appreciated all the generous comments and likes in response to my last post about my current knitting and crochet projects, so much so that I feel emboldened to share one further bundle of joy. The weather here in Edinburgh, as for many other places, has continued to be very cold and grey [...]