#WarAndPeace2022 – Related Resources

It will take us 361 days to read each chapter of Leo Tolstoy’s epic masterpiece, War and Peace during our #WarAndPeace2022 Readalong. I am hoping that this will also afford plenty of time to read and engage with related material. For example, I am keen to learn more about: Tolstoy’s life, what Russia was like when he was writing his novel (during the 1860s), and the Russia of the novel (1805-1820).

I have gathered a list of related blog posts, books, podcasts, and music which will surely add to our overall reading experience. I hope to add more as things turn up during the Readalong. If you have any other resources you’d like me to add, feel free to let me know in the comments to this page, on any of my #WarAndPeace2022 blog posts, or via social media (make sure you add #WarAndPeace2022 to any comments so that we can find them please!).

Blog Posts

From A Russian Affair (nb: some titles give mild spoilers)


A Calendar of WisdomLeo TolstoyNon-Fiction
TolstoyA N WilsonBiography
Tolstoy: A Russian LifeRosamund BartlettBiography
What Is Art?Leo TolstoyNon-Fiction
Give War and Peace A ChanceAndrew D KaufmanNon-Fiction
Natasha’s DanceOrlando FigesNon-Fiction
more to follow….

Websites and Articles

Podcasts and Playlists

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