Reading My Library in 2017

  I have always loved reading, but I have not always had time to read.  I have also always loved to be surrounded by books.  I have fond and vivid memories of the shelves running the length of my bedroom wall when I was a girl, packed full of wonders and treasures, such as The [...]


Friday Quote: Celebrating Earth Day

  Friday 22 April 2016 is Earth Day.  This year, the campaign is focusing on planting trees.  Hear, hear! We all know how important it is to look after the world around us.  Today, over 160 countries will sign the Paris Agreement, which was agreed late last year.  Here is some more information about why [...]

To Boldy Go……

First off, let me confess to anyone who does not already know that I am an out and out Trekkie.  I am a die-hard Voyager fan in particular, but will watch pretty much anything to do with Star Trek.  (I realise writing this that I completely forgot to mention this in my responses to Ute's questions [...]