Gorgeous Glass

A couple of weeks ago I attended a glass workshop. This was last year's birthday present from my Mum and Sister - isn't it nice when birthdays last a long time! I have always wanted to have a go at working with glass, so this gift was just perfect. The workshop was run by the [...]


Come, on wings of joy we’ll fly…*

When I was writing about our holiday on the Western Isles recently, I promised a guest post from Hub about the amazing nature photos he was able to take. Sit back and enjoy.... 🙂 I had always promised myself that when I retired I would treat myself to a prime telephoto lens.  Photography is something [...]

Beautiful machair: a wonderful yet vulnerable treasure of the Outer Hebrides

I wrote briefly about the treasure that is Machair in my last holiday post about our trip to the Outer Hebrides. Here is a wonderful short video which highlights perfectly the beauty of this landscape. It is sad to know that such an important ecology is under threat, as is the case with so many [...]