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On and off the needles: I’ve got the knitting – bring on the tennis

The British summer is well and truly with us.  In the UK we have been in the throws of a heatwave.  But however warm it may be, it is never too hot to knit.

One particularly welcome aspect of the summer is the arrival of the tennis grass court season.  I love to watch tennis at any time of year, but there is nothing to challenge the supremacy of Wimbledon and the grass court tournaments which lead up to it.

I am a very happy bunny when I can knit in front of the tennis, as I was doing with the Aegon Championship last week at London’s Queen’s Club.

I took this opportunity to start a new knitting project.  I seem to have been working on scarves/shawls/wraps forever.  So I decided to cast on a little cotton bolero in this beautiful cornflower-blue yarn, which I bought from WoolWarehouse – I love the fact that the yarn arrives in this handy organza project bag (and yes, I know, I am easily pleased!).

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What Would You Do?

Bollywood Sequence Scarf with a twist!

On the face of it, this post is about knitting.  But fear not all ye non-knitters.  There’s a lesson here for everyone….

It has been a while since I posted an update about any of my knitting projects.  I was starting to think about what I might write on this topic, when fate intervened.

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Off the needles

I wrote last year (here and here) about one of my mega knitting projects that was hugely enjoyable, albeit rather time consuming.

I am pleased to say that I finally finished knitting my Soumak Shawl shortly before Christmas.

I then made the most of watching The Crown on Netflix (a fabulous production, by the way) to help pass the time while I sewed in the seemingly endless ends…

Endless ends!

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Off the Hook

I finished this Japanese flower shawl a few weeks ago, and the first opportunity to block it came only recently.


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“Colour is Life”*

There are many things in life we tend to take for granted.  For those of us with full sight capacity, including the ability to see colour, it is hard to imagine what life must be like without access to the full spectrum.

This video gives some insight to this, however.  I love the reactions of the people who are able to see colour for the first time, with the use of special glasses:

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It will be my birthday in a few weeks.  Yesterday, I received a lovely early birthday treat!

I have for some time had my eye on the knitting magazine Pompom.  My wonderful Mum and Sister have purchased a subscription for me.

The first edition arrived today – look how beautifully it was wrapped…


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On the Hook

I adore knitting – it is probably my main go-to craft.  Nevertheless, it is always nice to have a break and venture into some of the other yarn-related territory that is available.

I have had, for a while, this collection of Buachaille yarn, produced by Kate Davies Designs.  It is a gorgeous, 100% Scottish wool in these ten colours:

The ten colours of Buachaille

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Still on the needles…

It’s been a while since I last wrote about knitting.  I thought I would provide an update on the projects highlighted in this post.  Amazing to think I published that nearly three months ago.

Anyway, here is the latest shot of my Soumak Scarf:


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