You Never Know – Until You Do: the story of our very first date…

Tonight marks the 25th anniversary of my very first date with Hub. A misunderstanding about the meeting up arrangements on the night meant that we almost did not get together. Thank goodness, though, it was all ok in the end, and here we are... We had agreed that we would meet at a particular London [...]


“A journey of discovery” – our moving and memorable visit to the Étaples Military Cemetery

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have recently been sharing accounts of my and Hub's trip to Paris a few weeks ago. In the first of this series, I mentioned our visit to the Military War Cemetery in Étaples, promising a further post by Hub himself...   I have had to give [...]

It’s Still The Inside That Counts

Back in April, I wrote about how my sister was coping with the sudden onset of alopecia. At that time, we thought she had alopecia areata. Since then, she has experienced total body hair loss - alopecia universalis. But Rach being Rach, she continues to have a marvellous 'it is what it is' outlook on [...]