‘Village People’ ©Ken Delmar

Here’s a charming addition to my recent collection of posts featuring paper artistry.

In this short film, artist Ken Delmar reflects on his life in the shadow of his father, Kenny Delmar, a famous 1950s stage and radio performer.

Ken discusses how the development of his preferred approach to painting was ‘accidental’.  The brush marks and blots on the paper towels he was using turned out to be more interesting and vibrant than his more traditional work.

This appeals to me because I can remember colouring in the patterns on paper towels with my felt-tipped pens when I was a girl.

I find it so touching to hear him ask ‘did I have anything to do with the fact of this happening?’.  I love that he was open to a new idea and embraced it without any particular reason.

“When I forgot about trying to succeed as an artist, when I just started to paint on what I wanted to paint on, just for fun, suddenly new and different things started happening.”

Is this not the essence of creativity?  Having fun and going with the flow?  We might also see this as a metaphor for life:  do what you love most and much good can come of it. 🙂