Birds are among my very favourite things in life.  I love to watch them going about their business, totally focused on what they need to do.  I adore hearing their various songs, picking out specific species from the throng.

Birds are a classic model for mindfulness.  One of my favourite lines by Eckhart Tolle is:

“look how the bird doesn’t think….should I jump from this branch to the next?…the bird just jumps..”

Being around birds is good for the soul.  They don’t even have to be real.  I would love to check out the Paper Aviary installation at London’s St James’s Market.  Over 100 paper birds?  Yes please!

Paper Aviary, St James Market

One reason why I love the thought of this exhibition so much is because it invokes fond memories of a project my mother, Joan Hudson, undertook in 2015.  She was exhibiting her paintings with friend Pat Scott.  As part of this event, Mum decided to raise money for Bust, a breast cancer charity in SW England which had helped another friend, Di Holl, through her cancer treatment.  Mum folded over 500 origami birds for people to buy, with all proceeds going directly to the charity.


R-L: Mum (Joan Hudson); BUST representative; Di Holl (Mum’s friend); Pat Scott (friend and fellow art axhibitor)

The birds made a beautiful and magnificent display, as you can see from the top of this page.

Meanwhile, a persistent great tit is repeating its hearty call on the tree outside my window as I type.  Cutting through a gloomy Edinburgh winter’s day, it makes one glad to be alive. 🙂