Celebrating the building of Scotland’s new design museum


“The long, long dialogue between earth and the water”

~ Kengo Kuma, architect

Something wonderful is happening in Dundee, Scotland.

Not just the building of a new design museum, but the creation of a remarkable and unique art space.

In this short film, we learn about the intricacies and cutting-edge techniques that are being used to develop the first V&A museum outside London.

I find it so inspiring to hear the passion and the enthusiasm of all those involved in this amazing project.  And I love the idea that the museum will rise from the water’s edge like a rock face weathered over millions of years – such a clever juxtaposition with the building’s modernity.

“Architecture should be a part of nature” Kuma said in this talk, adding that “natural light is the most important material for architecture”.

Due to open in 2018, this will be a stunning edition to Scotland’s creative landscape.  Can’t wait!



9 thoughts on “Celebrating the building of Scotland’s new design museum

  1. Wow! How exciting! I love that design and I really enjoyed listening to all those enthusiastic people who are working on it.

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    1. It’s infectious, isn’t it! How marvellous to be working on a project like that. I think the same about the folks working on the new Forth Estuary bridge.

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      1. There’s certainly a lot going on in Scotland at the moment!

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  2. It’s always exciting to hear about a new museum–and especially one that looks so perfect in its setting!

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  3. I’m looking forward to this! I’ve been through Dundee on the bus recently and seen all the signs and screens. It makes Dundee more viable for a day out or even weekend, especially with the Discovery and such as well 🙂

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    1. Yes indeed – I had the exact same thought. A day trip from Edinburgh is very do-able, and such a nice journey up on the train. Win-win all round! 🙂

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  4. It looks great, I like how it is explained, it adds another dimension to the building as art as well as what it will contain.

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