Reflecting on my last post about giving, I realised that one of the particular reasons why this type of activity brings so much pleasure is because you don’t know specifically who will benefit.  Of course it is nice to give gifts to people you know.  But there is something about the unconditional nature of giving to strangers which enhances the action.

I continued this anonymised giving streak this week, following a mega sort out of my yarn stash.  I had finally come round to accepting that I would never knit my way through my entire yarn collection, so it was better to pass things on to people who could make use of it.


Here in Edinburgh we have a marvellous charity called The Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society, which supports individuals in need through the sale of their own handiwork.  It has been in operation, in one form or another, for over 200 years.  You can read more about the Society and its history here.

I checked that they were happy to take donations of yarn, which indeed they were, and set off with this lot this morning…


The shop assistant was delighted!  And I was equally delighted to know that all that yarn will be put to use for such a good cause.  So much so, in fact, that I came straight home and identified two more bags to take down in the next few days.

And lest you fear for my own ability to continue knitting in the absence of all this yarn – worry not!  I still have a ridiculous five boxes-worth to keep me going…!! 🙂