Yum!  The Back to Backs sweet shop

In my last post, I wrote about our recent weekend visit to Birmingham.

On the Sunday, while Hub was enjoying his second day at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition, I met up with a friend who lives near by.

We spent the morning on a tour around the fascinating Back to Backs preservation area.

An amazing site, these types of buildings are an iconic part of Birmingham’s working-class history.  The National Trust has restored the last courtyard still standing, to reflect the lives of people living there in the 1840s, 1870s, 1930s and 1970s.

Understandably, we were requested not to take photographs of interiors, but here are some images of the exteriors:

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My friend and I had arranged to meet at New Street Station, which I featured in my last post.  While I was waiting, there was an announcement about a steam train which was about to depart.  I raced down to the platform and was in time to get to the front.  Here is a short piece of footage showing the double-headed train going past me.

It was quite scary, with the engines thundering by so closely.  I could feel the immense heat from the tanks as they went past – incredible!

But how nice, I thought, that I was enjoying an activity similar to that of Hub’s, even though we were several miles apart.  I am obviously a convert…! 🙂