Satsumas in my favourite blue bowl
Satsumas in my favourite blue bowl

These days, we have access to pretty much any food, all year round.  Whether or not this is a good thing is a massive subject, and not for this post.  One thing I do like, however, is that there are certain foods which appear only around Christmas time.  Satsumas are a classic example.

I love oranges in general.  I particularly like to slice one into a jug of iced water – it provides me with a lovely, delicately flavoured drink all through the day.

Satsumas, however, take things to a different level.  The joy of the easy-peel; the pleasure of stripping off any remaining bits of pith; the yield of the segments; all contribute to a wonderful eating experience.  Add this to the fact that satsumas arrive in the lead up to Christmas, and all the senses are invoked.

It helps that they are such a vibrant colour.  It is a little tradition of mine to place them ceremonially in my adored blue glass bowl.  Although the shapes are wrong, I am certain that the artists in my Art Deco book nestling on the shelf under the table would approve of the colour scheme. 🙂

'Broth' c1930 - Clarice Cliff (from banana on pinterest)
‘Broth’ c1930 – Clarice Cliff (from on pinterest)