My Dear Friends,

Oh!  How I have missed you all this past week.  My usual routine was unexpectedly thrown out the window when I experienced an nightmare tear in my left cornea – ouch!!

I must first say what wonderful support I received from my GP and my optician.  I was treated within a few hours of contacting them.  And the medicine they prescribed starting working immediately, with the result that, one week on, my eye is pretty much completely better.

So I have gone from being in agony, not being able to bear light, unable to look at anything or read or type etc, to virtual normality (or as normal as I am ever going to get, as Hub might say!).

This is handy timing because it is today my birthday. 🙂

I have spent a lovely day with Hub and my Mum and step-Dad, having a delicious lunch out and exploring a new-to-us garden in Edinburgh.

Dr Neil’s Garden is a beautiful, winding and well-established garden on the shore of Duddingston Loch and in the lea of Arthur’s Seat.  Here are some shots that give you an idea of its beauty…

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There are plenty of seats on which to rest and take in the views.  Hub and I are taking full advantage…


…and here are Mum and Dave adorning the Physic Garden…


Together with loads of cards and good wishes on Facebook, this all adds up to a wonderful day – thank you everyone! 🙂