'The World's Most Popular Books' - Image from Bloglet.com
‘The World’s Most Popular Books’ – Image from Bloglet.com

Here’s a fun thing to do.  Check out this website for information about the most popular book in the UK in the year you were born (assuming you were born from 1930 onwards…).

The format of the site forces you to click through the entries for each year, which might feel a bit tedious, especially if you are very young.  But I found it really interesting to see the books for different years, as well as the one for my birth year, 1967.

I clicked through with baited breath.  Would it be 100 Years of Solitude?  Maybe Where Eagles Dare (one of Hub’s all time favourite films, incidentally)? Or perhaps the ground-breaking psychology book I’m OK, You’re OK.  All of these were published in 1967….

Nope.  I got Rosemary’s Baby. It feels a bit disappointing, I’ll be honest.  I would have loved it to be something majestic, romantic, magnificent.  But then, I suppose I should really actually read the book before writing it off.  After all, I have only seen enough of the film to be too scared to watch it all the way through.  And we all know how rarely a film accurately conveys the book from which it originates in any event.

So, there you go.  Another novel to add to my reading list – I’ll let you know whether I feel differently about it when it is eventually finished.

In the meantime, how about you?  Are you pleased with ‘your book’ from this list? If you live outside the UK, might you have a different book from your own country’s list? 🙂