Sometimes, we experience something so dramatic and extreme, that it drives us to take unexpected and extraordinary actions.

In this short video, we learn that Johanna Nordblad turned to cold environments to help the healing of her badly damaged leg.  In doing so, she not only overcame her dislike of the low temperatures, but also created for herself the opportunity to explore a remarkable new world, both within and without.

Under the ice, you need total control of the place, the time, and to trust yourself completely.  When you can do all that, you can find a different world.  A world so peaceful, so beautiful, endless.”

~ Johanna Norblad, Johanna Under The Ice

It can sometimes feel like there is nothing in life that can be controlled.  Decisions are taken that affect us; nature performs in all her glory; humans operate as humans.  The only thing that seems predictable is that nothing can be predicted.

Johanna shows us, however, the truth about our role in this great adventure.  We do, after all, have choices.  We are not merely hapless victims of circumstance.

Life is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it.

~ Dennis P Kimbro

The images in this film will take your breath away.  And it illustrates perfectly the premise that our life, and the quality of it, is in our hands.  We need only choose for ourself how we think about what happens to us, and what we will, as a result, do next.

There is no place for free, no place for panic, no place for mistakes.

~ Johanna Nordblad, Johanna Under The Ice

– x –

I never lose.  I either win or learn.

~ Nelson Mandela

How might your life be different, if you decide to look at it in different ways? 🙂