I adore knitting – it is probably my main go-to craft.  Nevertheless, it is always nice to have a break and venture into some of the other yarn-related territory that is available.

I have had, for a while, this collection of Buachaille yarn, produced by Kate Davies Designs.  It is a gorgeous, 100% Scottish wool in these ten colours:

The ten colours of Buachaille

I had thought it would be really super to make something which draws on all the variations.  When I read Attic24’s blog about this Japanese Flower Scarf, I just knew this would be the pattern to make.

So I sourced the pattern book, which is in Japanese (!), studied the crochet charts (which are universal and do not need a knowledge of the Japanese language – phew), and in the last couple of days, made a start.

Here is my ‘test flower’ in original state, being blocked, and finished off.  I wanted to make sure that the crochet hook size I had chosen (3mm) was not too small.

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I was happy with the result and so have had a lovely time generating more flowers:


The pattern helpfully shows how to link each flower to the last ones as you complete the final round.  This saves hours of ‘joining-up’, although it does mean that the whole scarf will have to be blocked in one go at the end – I will need a lot of pins!!

Some may say ‘not another scarf/wrap etc?’.  Firstly, like handbags and shoes, a girl can never have too many scarves.  Secondly, from a creative point of view, it is really nice to focus only on colour, texture and form, without needing to think about shaping, fit etc.  No doubt I will turn to garments at some stage, or will I….? 🙂