……Well, hardly ever!”

Chorus and Captain, HMS Pinafore, Gilbert and Sullivan

This is one of my favourite G&S lines.  Here is a YouTube video of the full song if you would like to hear it in context.

Why is it relevant to today’s post?  Well, I wanted simply to note the unusually marvellous warm weather we have been having here in Edinburgh for the last couple of days.  It is a real rarity to feel confident about wandering around in shorts and a t-shirt, and tempting to say it never happens.  But on the evidence of this week, one must modify this to ‘hardly ever’.

Here’s a picture of the central part of Edinburgh taken on Tuesday from North Bridge, looking across the roofs of Waverley Station:


Although there are some clouds in the sky, I can assure you that it was very hot indeed by midday.  Hub and I met for lunch then strolled across to St Andrew Square so that he could pick up a tram to travel to an afternoon meeting.  I, other the other hand, was able briefly to enjoy the sunshine some more, sitting in the Square which has been converted into a festival location:

image image

At the moment, the Jazz Festival is in full swing, as you might say.  While I was taking my ease, watching the world go by and reading my book, a trad jazz group struck up in the main performance area:


Their cheerful sound wafted out from the open windows, making the whole experience absolutely perfect.

Here’s an example of the kind of toe-tapping music I was listening to – I hope it adds to the perfection of your day too. 🙂


PS – Oh, how we miss the wit, wisdom and charm of Humphrey Lyttelton.