Friday Quote: the beauty of summer

I prepared this quote two weeks ago, to mark the passing of that mid-year milestone, the summer solstice.  However, on 24 June, we all found ourselves swept away by ‘events, dear boy, events’ (Harold Macmillan’s response to a question about what a Prime Minister most feared).  So I ended up posting a different quote that day.

And last week was the centenary of the battle of the Somme and I felt it important to mark that milestone too.

So, with your indulgence, here is my ‘mid-summer’ quote.

Enjoy your weekend and may all your days be sunny ones, whatever the season. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Friday Quote: the beauty of summer

  1. One of my most favourite quotes!!

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  2. Totally agree with that…if only work wasn’t always in the way. I mean it isn’t like anybody really bothers working when the weather is lovely outside.

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    1. I think every workplace should come with a roof terrace or a garden – somewhere to sit out and pretend to work!


      1. With a bar too!

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  3. And for me, it is the summer mornings or the summer evenings (perhaps because I don’t love the heat, but also because the mornings and evenings are quieter and I tend to sit outside and just watch nature). Hope you are having a lovely summer so far.


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