Blissful Domesticity

Hub and I have a new pet.


Our old vacuum cleaner has not been performing very well in recent times.  So, buoyed by a recommendation from a friend, we have taken the plunge and indulged in a new, cordless, cleaner.


Oh my!  It makes vacuuming such a joy. (Words I never thought I would type…!!)

It is super-light-weight and whizzes around in no time.  And charging it could not be easier.


The use of good quality tools for any enterprise makes the job so much more satisfying.  Now, if only it could be programmed to vacuum on its own…. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Blissful Domesticity

  1. A thing of beauty and elegance!! A wonderful dance partner!

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  2. Vacuuming….joy?!? I love it when a household appliance really does make the work easier.

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  3. I have a small, cordless vacuum, too–a different make but similar to yours. I love it but haven’t been convinced yet, that it really replaces the big old canister vacuum. But for touch-ups–it’s fab!

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  4. Congratulations on your new purchase. I have something similar. I do like it but one day it will be sold like this; “low mileage, gently used by one careful lady owner.” 😉

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