Is this summer….?

We are having another lovely run of warm weather and sunshine here in Edinburgh.  I took this photo yesterday while Hub and I were out for a stroll. Although the blossom is starting to go over on most of the trees, it is wonderful to see the trees filling out with their new leaves – I love all the greens at this time of year.

And in the distance, you can see Arthur’s Seat which is currently be-decked with gorgeous orange gorse flowers.


It is rare to be able to walk out without a jacket in this part of the world, making it seem all the more special when we can.

It is also extremely civilised to be able to sit in this window with the sun pouring in, surrounded by one’s hobbies. This photo was difficult to take and process because of the wide contrast between the sunny exterior and the darker interior, but hopefully you can get an idea of this delightful spot.


I very much hope you are all having an equally nice evening. 😀




11 thoughts on “Is this summer….?

  1. You are lucky, we having a very dull day and not even warm. Your window spot is lovely, looking over all the neighbourhood and the green trees. Enjoy!

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  2. Like Ute, we have had a very cool and windy day and are expecting more heavy rain tonight and tomorrow. We had a warm week a while ago but while we haven’t had much rain recently we also haven’t had any warmth and have had more than enough cloudy weather. Moan, moan!
    What a beautiful day you had yesterday and I love your bright window area and the lovely view.

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  3. We’re having unusually warm and lovely weather here in upstate New York, too! We need to enjoy it while we can!

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    1. Yes indeed – who knows how long it might last! 😀


  4. We had a torrential downpour in Vancouver this past weekend. Everything is green now and the sunshine has returned. I loved strolling the streets of Edinburgh with you. And your window – what a joy to have a “room with a view!!!”

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    1. We need the rain as much as the sun, don’t we. And I love the atmosphere after a downpour – the smell of things, the greens, as you say. And yes, we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful apartment – I give thanks every day! 😀

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  5. Edinburgh looks so fresh and verdant, Liz! The colours of Arthur’s Peak just now are very New Zealand 🙂

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    1. In a city that is forever fabulous, it is looking particularly good at the moment 🙂


  6. The photos look lovely and what a view! We had a few great days down here but now it is rainy again typically. It is the usual bad start to summer though hehe.

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