Loving Vincent

Have you seen this latest project based on the works of Vincent Van Gogh?  It is a film generated solely by paintings inspired by Van Gogh’s original works, and narrated using material from his 800+ letters.  What an amazing collaboration – even this trailer is mesmerising to watch.  I can’t wait to see the final version….



Like millions of others, I find Van Gogh’s work to be moving and inspiring.  When I feel I can cope with the crowds, I hope one day to visit Amsterdam with Hub to look round, among other things, the Van Gogh Museum.  In the meantime, I can be contented via our own Scottish National Gallery, where there is coming soon a wonderful-sounding exhibition of works by Van Gogh, Monet and Daubigny.  I am sure this will be yet another stunning summer treat by the gallery.


11 thoughts on “Loving Vincent

  1. Oh Liz!! This is spectacular. What a brilliant idea. Looking forward to visiting the Scottish National Gallery!! Love that place…

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    1. Yes it is a brilliant gallery isn’t it – we are v lucky 😀

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  2. An extraordinary project. I would be more than content to visit the National Gallery.

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    1. I hope that you will be able to some day 😀

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      1. Long years ago I went to an impressionism exhibition in Edinburgh with a friend. It was a short visit but we were most likely at the National Gallery; how terrible not to remember clearly.

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      2. Well, the mind can do that sometimes, can’t it. We are all different and remember things in different ways. I am always amazed at my husband’s ability to remember things from way back in minute detail – eg a concert, where he will know when we went, which orchestra was playing, with which conductor & soloist etc. My memories of this type of thing are often very hazy, although I usually know what I did or did not enjoy! 🙂


  3. This looks pretty darn awesome! I am looking forward to it now, it’s amazing what people can do with technology, it is a good mix with that Doctor Who episode.

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    1. Yes I see what you mean re the link. And totally agree about the power of technology to support the creative arts these days. I love playing about with my art app on my iPad Pro in my own humble way, and it makes me all the more in awe of the professionals.

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      1. It is amazing what even the most casual of users can do but the professionals do epic things that I could never even imagine…which is why words are my forté.


      2. You are excellent at painting pictures with words, my friend 🙂

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      3. Why thank you, you aren’t so bad yourself.

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