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It is Leonard da Vinci’s birthday today. Well, it would have been if he had lived to the ripe age of 564 – he was born in 1452.

Here is an article with some people’s favourite Leonardo pictures – there are certainly plenty to choose from.  I remember a brilliant exhibition in London about 10 years ago where the two pictures of the Virgin of the Rocks had been brought together for the first time.  Along with paintings like Lady with an Ermine, it was a breathtaking experience to be in the presence of such treasures.

So today’s Friday Quote just had to be something from the great man himself. I have enjoyed dabbling in a tiny bit of art in his honour, and must give thanks to James Julier for his bubble-drawing tutorial.

Click to enlarge



10 thoughts on “Friday Quote

  1. Wasn’t he the most extraordinary man? If he’d been born even 100 years later I suspect he would have left a far greater scientific legacy. If you are ever in Amboise, in the Touraine, the Clos Luce is a must
    If I could meet 10 people from history I’m pretty sure he’d be one of them….

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    1. What a great place that looks to be – must put it on the list – along with Florence of course!! 😀

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  2. True quote and clever water drops drawing! X

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  3. What I most appreciate about Leonardo was his curiosity and determination to remain on course. Can you imagine anyone trying to harness that genius!!!?

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    1. Yes, what an amazing and inspirational man he was – and still is through his legacy 😀

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  4. A great man and polymath, way ahead of his time and still helping in the future of Star Trek Voyager is anything to go by.

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    1. Lol! Love those bits of Voyager!


  5. I have a book of his sketches and it feels like a glimpse into part of his mind at times. Hope you have been well, my friend! I’m slowly making my way back into the blogosphere 🙂

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    1. So great to hear from you 😀 All well with us, thanks – hope same with you. Have missed you ❤️🌺


      1. Yes, all is well, just very busy (like all of us!).

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