Look into my eyes….

This is fascinating on so many levels.

Have a look at this short video.  As this article explains, Marina Abramović is a performance artist who invited people to sit in front of her in silence for a minute.  The number of hours and people she got through doing this is staggering:  716 and 1,500 respectively.

But there was one participant who made a particular impact…..

The art performance is amazing enough. But watching the interaction between Abramović and her ex-partner is breathtaking.


5 thoughts on “Look into my eyes….

  1. I have seen this several times and you are right, it is fascinating on many levels. Touching when she meets her former husband. Her endurance and stamina to focus for such a long time in this performance piece is admirable.

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  2. That is rather moving! Thanks

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  3. Wonderful! It must have been so difficult for her to get calm and settled again after seeing her ex. I now want to know if they spoke to each other afterwards!

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    1. I know! The exact same thing went through my mind – there’s a whole big story there… 😀

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