Friday Quote

I have not been myself this week. Not ill as such, but a bit under the weather and I could not get myself going. I suppose life happens like that sometimes. It has been on my mind that I have not been posting to this blog this week, so I wanted at least to do a Friday Quote today. I am really glad I have done – the process of producing the picture has been very enjoyable. I also found it somewhat theraputic deciding on a suitable quote.

Happy Easter, everyone. 😀



PS: I must give credit to Janet Whittle and her book Painting Flowers and Plants for the idea for my picture.


13 thoughts on “Friday Quote

  1. Happy Easter, Liz! I hope the beauty of Edinburgh and the lovely wild country around restores your spirits over the weekend x

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    1. Thanks v much, Liz. I hope you and Mike have a lovely weekend too. Xxx


  2. Take good care my dear friend!! Listening to bagpipes as I read your quote! The very best of this special season! Hugs!!!

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    1. Thanks Becky – many hugs back to you too 😀❤️💕💖

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  3. Hope you feel up to everything soon again. Have a good rest and a happy Easter!

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    1. Thanks Ute – Happy Easter to you too xxx

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  4. That all came together beautifully–no wonder it cheered you up!

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  5. Beautiful picture and great quote. I hope you feel better soon – Happy Easter!

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    1. Thanks Clare – on all counts! Happy Easter to you and the family also x

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  6. Happy Easter, I know the feeling of not being going, I had an unexpected nine days off from blogging just because it seemed too much of a challenge and now I am back trying to catch up on 90 odd blogs and comments and such, oh the irony!

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    1. You have my sympathies, my friend

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