I had a lovely treat today. I saw my first bullfinches. Yay!

For anyone not familiar with these birds, here is a link to a google page of bullfinch images. Β As you can see, the male of the species, as is often the case, is particularly gorgeous.

I was on the telephone and was standing looking out of the window of our front room. Right before my eyes, a beautiful pair of bullfinches delicately danced in the trees opposite. I wanted to get off the phone and shout to Hub to come and look, but I couldn’t. I had to carry on my conversation, all the while enjoying the spectacle.

Even if I had not been on the phone, I doubt that I would have been able to take a sufficiently good photograph of them to post here – they did not stand still for long and were too far away. So I have enjoyed whiling away an hour or so creating this picture on my iPad using an art app (Adobe Sketch) and a watercolor function. I have very limited art experience, but I enjoyed producing this little piece nonetheless. πŸ™‚