Did you know that today is an exceptionally rare and exciting day, especially for mathematicians?

As this article explains, every March 14, the Maths community celebrates ‘Pi Day’ because of its affinity with the mathematical phenomenon of ‘Pi’ – the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle.

This year is particularly important, however.  When Pi is rounded to four decimal places, it is 3.1416.  This means that this year, 2016, is one of those rare years where the date in its whole form coincides with ’rounded Pi’.  Cool, huh?

And that’s not all, folks.  March 14 also just happens to be the birthday of none other than the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein.  Born in 1879, I think one of the best things about this amazing man is that he did not seem to take himself too seriously.  In fact, it appears that he placed a good deal of weight on having fun and seeing the lighter side of life.

Hub and I are returning from our stay with Mum today and will be getting home late. So we will be forcing ourselves to buy dinner from our local fish and chip shop when we get in.  I think in honour of the occasion, we should forego the fish and have pie and chips instead. 😀

PS: I have not even tried to get my mind around the puzzle in the article I referenced at the start of this post.  Do let me know if you decided to grapple with it and, if so, what the results were.