The Beauty of Spring


I am currently staying with Mum for a few days. Yesterday we headed over to a local garden centre to have a mooch round and see whether she might might ‘force herself’ to buy any plants that she might ‘need’. One can never have too many flowers in one’s garden.

It was lovely to see all the spring flowers lined up ready to grace people’s borders, window sills and hanging baskets.

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Mind you, there is already plenty to look at in Mum’s own garden, plus a couple of friends to chat to as well. 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Spring

  1. One of my favourite things is planting bulbs and then waiting for those little brown blobs of nothingness to emerge as lovely spring colour. Well worth the wait and we did indeed have a lovely mooch. x Lovely to go out with you Liz. xx

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  2. Lovely photos Liz! And it must all have smelt wonderful. The fresh, delicate scent of daffodils is truly the scent of spring. Definitely one of my Desert Island Scents!

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    1. Yes it all looks & smells fabulous! Xxx


  3. I love both your slide shows – the garden centre selection and your Mum’s lovely garden too. Have fun with your Mum. 🙂

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