….the mother of invention”. – Plato

It’s great when truisms really are true, isn’t it.

I remember a time, nearly 20 years ago now, when Hub and I moved into a particular flat in London.  After a while, we realised that we needed to sort out one drawer in a dresser.  Cutting a long story short, we ended up re-organising the entire front room, including not only sorting the dresser drawers, but moving the whole dresser to a different location.

These days, whenever we start to speak about changing something, we say ‘this is not a dresser drawer moment, is it?’.

Why am I rambling on about this?  I have spent this evening unexpectedly re-vamping my other blog, LeapingTracks.  I hadn’t planned to.  I didn’t even mean to.  I was sort of forced in to it.

Well, that last bit isn’t quite true.  No-one forced me.  But I reached a tipping point and I thought I might as well carry on.

You see, on the dresser drawer principle, I decided to add some text to the LeapingTracks home page to bring it up to date a little.  I started that blog nearly four years ago and I figured that it could do with some more recent news.  Unfortunately, when I tried to make the edits, I somehow deleted all the text on the home page – arrrggghhhh!

So I had to re-write completely a new home page.  I thought, well, if I am doing that, I should probably update my ‘about’ page.  So I added some text to that too.  As I was working on all of this I was thinking that maybe the whole look of the blog was a little tired and could do with a bit of a spruce-up.  It was four years old, after all….

As we all know, WordPress makes it very easy for us to play around with themes, styles etc.  Why not have a little look at a change of clothes for LT?  I tried a few sets on for size and decided to go all dramatic.

For those of you who saw the site in its old garb, you will see a big difference!  A bit like the time I went from having long-ish dark brown hair to very close-cropped, bleach-blonde hair only days before attending a friend’s wedding.  Dramatic was indeed the word.

I’m going to live with it for a while and see how it grows on me.  I’m not sure if I have quite got used to it yet, but, like hair, I can always change it again if need be.  Meanwhile, I think I will avoid opening any drawers for a while. 🙂