I’ve been doing some more pottering in my emerging girl-cave this morning, in anticipation of finishing off ‘project pantry‘ at some point.

I was delighted to see how lovely and sunny the room is first thing in the morning.  I already knew that the kitchen gets the sun, but I have never really thought about what sort of light there is in the pantry.  What a lovely happy room this is going to be.


By the way, in case you are wondering why I have left the bucket and bowl in the left-hand corner, it is because our boiler is occasionally prone to fits of pique and leaks.  We treat it like a pet and talk to it nicely, so it is mostly our friend.  But every now and again it throws a wobbly, and we have to be ready.  Perhaps when I am in there more often it will feel even more loved.

Anyway, I have had fun today putting out a few kooky bits and some art stuff to inspire me about the possibilities of this space, together with an assembly of inspirational and thought-provoking reading matter to go with my most favourite cookery books.

All very pleasing work in progress. 🙂