One of my friends yesterday extolled the virtue of Marie Kondo’s bookΒ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter.

Hub and I have been talking for a while about sorting out a small room off our kitchen which we affectionately call ‘the pantry’ so that I can have a new desk. This is because our current office is in the process of being turned into a ‘man cave’ as Hub prepares to start building a model railway, but that’s a whole different story….

Anyway, spurred on by all the talk of Ms Kondo’s philosophies, we decided to tackle the ‘pantry project’ today. Basically, I needed to sort through various crates of stuff to see whether I could get it better organised, so we could move it elsewhere. Here’s a ‘before’ picture, plus a close-up of Hub’s whisky collection!

And here I am mid-sort. Β At this point, I was starting to realise that nothing much was going to get thrown away. After all, one of the key questions Ms Kondo says must be asked is ‘does X give you joy?’. Well, who could blame me for not falling in love all over again with my various embroidery kits, beautiful fabrics, unusual equipment I have collected over the years and a project I made about 33 years ago for a needlework exam.

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Yes, this all gave me much joy and I am spurred on to actually get back to these hobbies. I used to do a lot of embroidery many years ago and would love to take it up again. Most importantly, however, I am pleased to report that we did in the end manage to sort things sufficiently well to make enough space for a desk – hooray!! Here is proof:

I look forward to the time when I can write posts with joy from my new ‘girl cave’! πŸ˜€