Dalí + Disney = ?

Check out this fascinating article by Open Culture about a potential collaboration between Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney in the 1940s called Destino.

Fortunately for us, this short film has been produced which imagines what might have emerged, had the project been finished.

It is a beautiful piece, merging together Dalí’s surreal art with Disney’s Fantasia-like animation.

As the article notes, one can only guess at the other treasures which might have been produced, had the Disney company been in a financial position to do this kind of work, as well as focusing on commercially-viable output.


8 thoughts on “Dalí + Disney = ?

  1. Quite amazing, this piece!

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  2. Wow, this is really incredible. Thank you so much for sharing it, Liz!

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  3. Fantasia meets Metamorphosis, dreams meet nightmares, cosiness meets challenges. Fascinating combinations, and once again, art thwarted by lack of finance. Wasn’t aware of this film, Liz, so, well done on highlighting it. X

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    1. Excellent summary! 😀❤️


  4. How strange! I would never have imagined they would have worked together.


    1. Indeed! I was surprised too. But when I watched the film, it seemed to make perfect sense!! 😀

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