I know that I am not alone in having extremely long lists of books that I plan to read some day.  I also have various teetering piles of actual and virtual books ready and waiting to tackle.

But there are always more books to salivate over, aren’t there.  Ever more ‘you must read these’ articles and lists in circulation.  Oh no!  It is so hard to put one’s head down and crack on with the books one already owns.

Unfortunately, this post is no exception.  I spotted this article on ‘must read’ books due to be published in February.


Often with such lists, there might be a selection of interest, with others that one can disregard.  This seems to be a complete nightmare, however – every single one on the list looks fabulous.  Sigh.


This list is a bit different, I’m pleased to say.  Not only have I already read some of its books; there is the added interest of the reasons why the books changed the contributors’ lives.

What do you think about book lists.  Do you like or loathe them?  Are they helpful to you? 🙂