Last day in Cornwall

My final full day in Cornwall yesterday was chilly but beautifully sunny – yay!

My friends took me to the pretty village of Lerryn. Here you can see the River Lerryn and two of its quite different ‘bridges’. We had fun crossing the first…

Further along the river, the forest thickened, and the trees became leaf-bare, but shrouded in this bright green lichen. It was silent all around and very mysterious. Tolkien-like, I felt. You can see my friend Ted obliging me by standing in the picture for perspective.

Valerie and Ted have been marvellous hosts these past few days and I shall miss them when I fly home.

It will, however, be lovely to get back to Hub after all this time away. 😀




4 thoughts on “Last day in Cornwall

  1. beautiful shots, lovely sky scapes

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    1. Thanks so much Debra! 😀


  2. More lovely photos! What a wonderful place to visit! I love the stepping-stone river crossing.

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    1. Thank you, Clare. Yes this was such a wonderful place and we were so lucky to have good weather. The stepping stones were great fun and again we were lucky because 30 mins after crossing over on them, the tide had risen to cover them!! 😀

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