What a view No.2

The train journey along the south west coast of England includes a fabulous stretch past a town called Dawlish, where the track runs right alongside the sea.

My trip yesterday from my sister to meet my friends took me along this route.  The weather was pretty dramatic, as you can see from these pictures.  The final shot is of sea spray hitting the train window!

Things were much quieter an hour later when we reached the Plymouth area.  Amazing how different the coast can be within a very short distance.



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9 thoughts on “What a view No.2

  1. Amazing to think that in February 2014 the sea at Dawlish, during a terrible tidal surge, left the track damaged, hanging in mid air and the station and surrounding area damaged too. Thus cutting off all rail links to Cornwall from the rest of the UK.

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    1. It is an amazing stretch, so vulnerable and so remarkably restored. Xxx

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  2. I’ve been along that stretch, though not since it was rebuilt, and it is super beautiful. It’s a shame they couldn’t move it further back though, it was *so* disruptive during all the repair time after it was washed away. When it finally reopened Paddington Station held a beach party to celebrate!

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    1. Yes, it is a mixed blessing, isn’t it. Love the idea of the beach party at the station 😀 X

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  3. It’s a lovely stretch and I remember it being broken, and cutting off Cornwall!

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  4. Oh the drama and power of wind and and ocean!

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  5. I have never been on that stretch of railway and would love to; but maybe not in the kind of exciting weather you experienced!

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    1. It was pretty dramatic! Much better to travel on a glorious sunny day. But definitely worth a trip if you can get there 😀

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  6. That’s dramatic; to be all at sea( almost) in a train!

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