In recent times, I have fallen back in love with cooking and baking.

I went through a period where I did neither.  In fact, I hardly stepped foot in our kitchen – this was either because I was unwell or because I was travelling a lot with work.  My husband was a total star, cooking us lovely meals and making sure we did not waste away, while also holding down a mega-busy job.

cookery books
‘Primary’ cookery library!

These days, my circumstances are different, and I am pleased to have time to return the complement by cooking him nice dinners and producing yummy baked goods.

I adore reading cook books and devilling out new recipes.  You can see the picture of my ‘primary’ cookery book library.  These are the books to which I turn most frequently, so they are kept nearest to the kitchen.  My ‘secondary’ library is elsewhere in our apartment.

One of the things I love about cooking and baking is the way you turn all this….

What shall I make?

…..into these yummy items:

Baked goods

Here you can see, on the left, breakfast bars, and on the right, chocolate and pistachio biscotti (I substituted chocolate chips for the cranberries in the recipe).

These should keep Hub going while I am away on my trip.  I shall look forward to finding the next batch of things to cook when I return.  One of my goals this year is to improve my icing skills – I have never used a piping bag, so watch this space…. 🙂