When I travel south to visit my family and friends this week, I will be away for seven days.  Not very long in the grand scheme of things.  But long enough to warrant proper consideration about what to take in the way of ‘hobby-related’ items.

I always over-estimate how much time I will have to read, knit, sketch etc whenever I go away.  But on the other hand, a holiday to me seems like the ideal time to allow oneself to be inspired by new places and new things.  So I don’t want there to be a moment when I am not fully prepared!

On the reading front, the advent of the e-reader has made it easy to travel with one’s library.  I have on my Kindle the complete works of Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, and the Brontes, as well as many, many other individual titles.  Enough to keep me going forever, probably.  But much as I love the Kindle for its convenience, I have not yet totally weaned myself away from ‘real’ books.  So, alongside my electronic library, I shall be taking with me H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald.  This is my January read in the category of ‘a book I own but have never read’ for my 2016 Reading Challenge – I have been meaning to get round to this one for ages.  I will also take with me Daring Greatly by Brené Brown – see this post for more info about why I am reading it.

Images of books
‘real books’!

I should think that little lot will keep me out of mischief and make sure that, should there be the remotest glimmer of an idle moment, it can immediately be put to good use.

Something else with which it is compulsory for me to travel is some form of knitting or crochet.  Now, fellow knitters and crocheters will know that one cannot simply just grab any old project for one’s valise.  There are some important things to be taken into account:

  • the project must be relatively compact and portable, capable of being progressed easily in confined spaces;
  • the pattern being followed must be one that does not require studied concentration.  There is nothing worse than having to keep undoing one’s work as a result of losing one’s place when working on something complicated;
  • ideally the project will be restful, relaxing and enjoyable to do, thus enhancing the travel and holiday experience, rather than diminishing it in any way.

With all these thoughts in mind, I have evaluated my various projects in progress (of which there are several – more on this in future posts).  And I have plumped for this little cutie.

Crochet project
an essential travel companion

As you can see, it is a simple but (I think) pretty scarf, with plenty of yarn still left to crochet, so I am not likely to run out mid-trip.  The pattern is the Diamond Exchange Scarf by Michelle on MyDailyFibre.com.  I note that she considers this to be the perfect travel companion too.

Finally, I will be slipping in this small sketch book and couple of pens.

Sketch book and pens
poised and sketchily ready to go….

I do not do much sketching at the moment, but I would love to have a sketching habit and I always feel that it might burst into life at any moment.  How awful if this were to happen and I did not have any materials about my person!

That all feels about right to me – not too ridiculous for the length of time away, but just enough to cover all eventualities.  Mind you, I’m not sure whether there will be any room for clothes… 🙂