Beauty Everywhere

I adore Pinterest.  If you are not already hooked, it is a place to capture ideas, references, musings, anything really.  Give it a go, it’s fabulous.

Below is one of my most pinned pin by other people.  Everyone seems to love it – I can see why.

It is taken from one of my favourite Boards – colour & colour schemes – check out the whole thing if you fancy a browse….

You can also follow me on Pinterest by clicking the link at the bottom of the blog.

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7 thoughts on “Beauty Everywhere

  1. You are your mother’s daughter! Very artistic.

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  2. Seeing Ann’s comment reminded me- your mother’e work is lovely! I took a quick look 🙂
    Think I will follow this board. I’m on PInterest but don’t use it much. The odd azulejo or photo of Porto 🙂


    1. Thank you on behalf of Mum – I will pass that on, she will be delighted! And yes, do feel free to follow any of my Pinterest boards. x

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      1. I had a quick peek. You have some great boards. Will come browse when I have a minute. My Polish family have just gone and my house is upside down 🙂

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      2. HaHa – so great to have family around, isn’t it! x

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